Qingdao Mingtai Rubber Products Co.,Ltd is a professional rubber conveyor belt research& manufacturing company from 2003,our products range include:multi-ply fabric conveyor belt,steel cord conveyor belt,sidewall conveyor belt,elevator conveyor belt,pipe conveyor belt.

Our competitiveness:

1,Abundent experience on manufacture as per varieties standards world wide:DIN,AS,SABS,RMA,JIS,RMA,ISO or customer's detailed requirements;

2,Hi-tech rubber conveyor belt manufacturing capacity, for example,FR,HR,Chemical reisistant conveyor belt,Cold resistant conveyor belt and pure white rubber conveyor belt;

3,Innovative management help us to control the final product quality and save the cost,price is competitive;

Sales Reference:

1,The sole elevator belt supplier of Jidong Cement of China;

2,HR300 rubber conveyor belt sales to Shanshui Cement of China;

3,Cold resistant rubber conveyor belt sales to Russia market;

4,10 years sales reference in South East Asia,Europe and USA;

Sincerely hope to find more qualified partner in the worldwide market.

Feel free to contact us as interest!

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